Business legal consultancy – legal support for companies, both at the level of incorporation and staged, during the development of business areas. Our professionals support both entrepreneurial initiatives, by providing customized legal advice to start-ups faced with the bureaucracy and complexity of legal obligations, which arise from a dense and constantly changing legislation, as well as the innovative and development constructions of already established companies on the market, by providing strategic, functional and applied legal support to the specificity of planned operations and advocacy support in the relationship with central and local public authorities.

Assisting and representing clients covers various areas of practice in the field of civil business law.


  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, participating in complex negotiations, mediation and conciliation procedures.
  • Legal assistance in asset acquisition procedures or complete business acquisitions, due-diligence procedures, collaboration and pro-active coordination in M&A processes with audit departments, accounting, external experts and consultants, cross-border transactions.
  • Merger, division, insolvency, voluntary dissolution proceedings.
  • Legal support regarding registration procedures at the Trade Registry Office, in the Register of Associations and Foundations, procedures arising from the legislation on combating money laundering and terrorism.
  • Implementation of GDPR policies.
  • Legal support regarding franchise operations, accessing and managing banking and leasing financial services.
  • Procedures for registering intellectual and industrial property rights, designing and/or revising license agreements.
  • Debt recovery procedures (postponement, summonses, notifications, simplified procedures for litigious debt recovery, enforced executions).
  • Trainings and compliance programs in the field of GDPR, AML, competition, environment, occupational health and safety, ITM.
  • Staged legal advice for start-ups.


  • Legal support regarding companies’ compliance with environmental rules and obligations: selective collection and responsible recycling of waste, waste storage, reporting obligations, recordkeeping and payment of environmental taxes and contributions.
  • Obtaining environmental permits and integrated environmental permits.
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating transfer of responsibility contracts with collective waste management organizations and managing the contractual relationship with them.
  • Legal support in the relationship with the Environment Fund Administration, the National Environmental Protection Agency and the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Advocacy legal consultancy in the relationship with public authorities.
  • Trainings and compliance programs in the field of environmental protection.
  • Consultancy in the preparation of annual sustainability reports at the level of companies and in the field of integrating the principles of the circular economy into the activity.


  • Providing consultancy on the company’s compliance with competition rules, in the sense of identifying anti-competitive risks in transactions or contracts, assistance and representation in the procedures for notification of economic concentrations to the Competition Council, representation and assistance to clients during the investigations of the Competition Council, from the moment of unannounced inspections and up to the moment of issuing a decision, assisting and representing clients in the administrative and contentious procedure of contesting the decision of the Competition Council, designing and implementing programs for companies to comply with competition rules and practices.
  • Providing legal assistance regarding the compliance of companies with the rules of fair competition.
  • Trainings and compliance programs, customized to the specifics of the clients’ activity.


  • Assistance and representation in civil, fiscal and administrative disputes, before national courts, covering all levels of jurisdiction and before courts of European law.

The client portfolio includes national and multinational companies, operating in various professional fields: waste collection and recycling, transport and landfills, retail and food/non-food production, real estate, financial-banking and leasing services, IT, research , creation and innovation, franchising, media and advertising, imports and exports, online trade, courier services, brokerage services.

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